A Note to Parents

As parents ourselves, we, the directors of VRC know that entrusting our children to others for a few hours or overnight is not something we do lightly. We recognize that communication is very important so that so know what we are about, and how we will treat your kids. To set your minds at ease, here are three specific areas that we have addressed.

      1. Safety
      2. Racing Expertise
      3. Our Mission

Safety and the Karts

These karts feature a real racing chassis with Honda power. They corner like you can't believe and are capable of 45 mph. You may experience head to head racing with your camp friends on the Formula One style track. At one inch off the ground, you'll feel like you're flying as you race down the front straightaway that is over two football fields in length. 


However, as important as how they perform on the track is the safety factor. 

All safety equipment such as helmets, suits and gloves are provided.  Every driver wears a full-face protective helmet, a full neck-to-ankle professional driver's suit, neck brace, gloves, and appropriate shoes.

Each kart has bumpers all the way around, to minimize the effect of contact, which periodically might occur.  Seats are adjustable to position the driver in the best, and therefore safest position.

Further, no driver enters the track without first being taught the basic skills in VRC's exclusive Racing Labs.  These Labs are crucial in teaching the skills and responsibilities of safe high performance driving.

Each time we take the course, one team is working the corners with their crew chief.  Dressed in neon orange for safety, their job is to communicate to the drivers via their flags, always letting them know what to expect behind them, and further down the track.  An aware driver is a safer driver.



The Racing Experience

At Victory Racing Camp, the racing experience is as close to the real thing as we can make it.  From the serious training in driving, to the equally important training for the turn workers, pit marshals, and pit crews, campers experience the real deal.  Though we do not consider ourselves a "professional racing school," we are confident that the beginner will get a real taste of what racing is all about, and the novice will learn more useful skills.

Camp instructors have years of racing experience as drivers, and some have experience as racing instructors to adults.  Under their watchful eyes, the campers experience rolling starts, standing starts, and even a LeMans start for the endurance race.

With 4 hours at the track each day, of which each camper gets about 45-60 minutes behind the wheel, there is enough time to practice all the they've learned in the most recent Racing Labs.  On-track instruction starts very simply with follow-the-leader laps, and builds to include specific passing zones as the campers show they are capable.  Campers show they are ready to move ahead on the track and also by passing written quizzes.


By the end of the week, campers have raced in timed sprint races, and a 100 minute team endurance race, complete with team strategies, pit stops, and driver changes.



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