Now Get Even More Camp for Your Teens

You've been to Victory Racing Camp before.  The first time it was all new, and it was enough to strap on the kart.  The second time, you were comfortable on the track, and made some great improvements.  You know the basics of cornering, the rules of racing, and how a great team can make everything more exciting.

Now you're ready for more. Welcome to Advanced Camp, made just for you.  At Advanced Camp, we will spend just one day reacquainting ourselves to the karts.  After that, you and your team will run in a series of sprint races that will put your driving ability to the test.  No, you're not going to drive the same course over and over.  Instead, you will drive a new course each day!  You'll have to learn the track, qualify, and run your race just like they do in a pro series that moves from track to track.

Do you have what it takes?

Note: Advanced Camp and GTO Camp run together, so you can still bring a friend!


ADVANCED CAMP: New Location, New Attitude!

Advanced Camp is at Canby Grove Conference Center 10 minutes away from the track!

Activities include:

  • Four days of Sprint Races on a different track configuration each day
  • The Victory 100 a 100 minute team Kart Endurance Race
  • Outdoor games like volleyball, kickball, etc.
  • Team building activities
  • ...and of course, the best  Professional Race Drivers



Go Deeper.

What does it mean to be a Christian?  In our devotional times we will investigate what faith in God means in the day-to-day.  Is it some happy feeling we can't shake?  If so, what happens when we don't feel happy.  Does that mean God has moved on?  Let's peel the fluff off and find out where faith really lives.





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